1000+ Football Cliches

By Gary Jarjoura

Over 1000 American Football cliches with accompanying cynical comments, off the wall observations and  over 40 outrageous cartoons!

Pros, College, High School Football – this book is for everyone with a pulse.

Available in Ebook and Paperback.  Free shipping! 

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"They're in the Hunt"

“You can never write off a champion” – No! Tax office won’t allow it.

“One game at a time” – Yeah, it is a bit difficult to play two at a time.

“No stranger to pressure” – They met on a slippery field one night many games ago.

“That will rejuvenate them” – Café Latte anyone?

“Cutting ’em up like a surgeon” – Cosmetic surgeon?

“That was a cheap shot” – heavily discounted?

“Speed of the game” – you can fast forward through it?

“Lead from the front” – well, you can’t lead from the back

“Game awareness” – they not aware they’re playing?

“They’ve come up empty” – like the fans who bet on them?

“Can they get up for the game?” – They better set their alarms.

“Got points in them” – they swallowed points?

“They were caught napping” – weird…. the footy field is NOT the most comfortable place to have a sleep.

“Let the air out of the stadium” – won’t everyone suffocate?

"The glue that holds the team together"